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Our mission is to share breathtaking nature experiences, the best of ecotourism – sights, sounds, unforgettable moments, as you soar through pristine rainforest eco-systems, while connecting you to regions, communities and cultures that make for a truly  legendary adventure. We will make your rainforest visit uniquely special and educational, fun-filled, exciting, and safe for all ages.

The Origin of Our Name

The word Umgawa was created for the Legendary Tarzan to call jungle wildlife to action. This echoing call was used by Tarzan to put the jungle’s eco-system on high alert, so that the core nature of the jungle would remain safe for everything living within it. We are proud to borrow the word and make it our echoing call to be shared by each of our rainforest guests while experiencing our eco-zipline adventure tour.



We assembled the most experienced and advanced team of construction, equipment and safety engineers from throughout  the world. They were joined by regional forestry management, Malaysian conservation experts and local naturalists. As part of our commitment to protect the rainforest’s trees,  no trees were penetrated during course construction as shown in the picture of the platform above. Construction and engineering was a collaborative efforts between Umgawa, Vertical Ascent, a Nepalese company that has built zip line courses throughout S.E. Asia, and AdvenTreeZ Concepts, a company based in Hong Kong that has engineered course around the world. Management is spearheaded by professionals with years building, operating and marketing safe and successful zip line eco-adventure tours in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bhutan and Bali. The CEO, management and staff all live on Langkawi Island and call it home.

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