Local wildlife at zipline langkawi
Geopark UNSESCO Malaysia

What is a GeoPark and How did Umgawa Get There?


According to UNESCO, a Geopark is an area outstanding in its geology (earth history, rock formations and landscapes), has elements of knowledge and education and also improves the socio-economy of the local population, driven by geotourism. It promotes sustainability in all aspects of physical and non-physical development.

So how was Umgawa able to create one of the most exciting zipline eco-canopy tours in the heart of the Geopark’s rainforest?

  • The process of approval to acquire a license took 2+ years and was reviewed by LADA, forestry and government of Malaysia officials

  • Every tree to be used was inspected and deemed safe by forestry. No penetration of any tree took place to build the course

  • The background of the construction team, management, course design, and the track record of the company’s success was reviewed.

  • Umgawa committed to hiring and training local Malaysian citizens at every level whenever possible.