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Umgawa Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour Trains First S.E. Asian Female Safety Sky Ranger/Guide

Muslim woman becomes first certified safety sky ranger and guide in Southeast Asia for Umgawa Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

All over the world, women continue to challenge for jobs presumed to be possible for men only. The challenge becomes even greater where it is presumed women are denied the freedom to realize their dreams by the culture in which they live, which is often not true.

One such woman is Sazliza Binti Roslan, a Muslim woman living on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. In September, 2016, Sal, Ms. Roslan’s nickname, completed rigorous physical training and mentally challenging exams to be certified as the first female Zipline Canopy Tour Safety Sky Ranger and Guide in Southeast Asia.

By scoring one of the highest three scores among 16 applicants, Sal isnow certified by Umgawa Legendary Adventures to lead groups on a two hour zipline eco-tour in the only Unesco™ designated Geopark rainforest in Malaysia. Umgawa’s ranger trainers have certified hundreds of men throughout S.E. Asia.

When Sal heard there was a new Zipline Canopy Tour being built on the island, she jumped at the chance to apply for training. An avid outdoor’s woman, with climbing experience, Sal never thought for one minute she wouldn’t be able to do the job.

“I like to do extreme activities. I had done some ziplines before, but nothing with lines and bridges as long or as high as this tour. As I went through the 6 week training, it became clear how safe it is if the rules and procedures are followed carefully. I learned first-hand that the equipment was the best in the world and why. Even so, I admit I was a little scared my first time on one of the highest ziplines, but adrenaline, my passion and our training quickly overcame that fear. I also found that I could do everything the men could do and often better,” Sal offered with a slight grin.

Sal was born and lives on Langkawi with her family. Her fatherworks for the government and her mother has raised 4 children, including Sal. Growing up with two brothers close in age, she often competed with them.

She joins a dozen other safety sky ranger guides and feels that she is part of a team. As she adjusts her helmet over her traditional black Muslim burqa, she says she is proud of her certification, but she has also built great trust and admiration with her fellow rangers.

She added, “The job is fun, but we all now understand the importance and commitment to guest safety is in our hands. We take that very seriously. I am not about to be the first female safety sky ranger to allow any of my guests to be worried about their safety, while they have fun. I give it my very best.”

Umgawa Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour Opens on October 16, 2016

Details at:

For more information, please call: +604 950 2828

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