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Temperature cool. Tropical rainforest temperatures range from 21 to 30 degrees Celsius (70 to 85°F). The average annual temperature of tropical rainforests is above 20 °C. Trekking through the rainforest can be a somewhat humid experience. Ziplining over and within the top and middle layer of a rainforest will cool you off immediately - from the breeze factor and the remaining dewy raindrops of its lushness.

Sartorial cool. Forget short shorts, baggy pants, out-sized tees. Think hip. With dive suit type gear or anything stretchable. Wear what is comfy and what will give you freedom of movement while gliding. Good to have well-fitted sunglasses too.

Extreme Activity cool. Ziplining is described as an extreme activity that is very safe. Just imagine the awestruck expressions of the folks back home when you describe your ziplining experience.

Cool head. Well you will be wearing a helmet. But you will also be refreshed by pure, fresh oxygen- laden air surrounding you.

Happy cool. All that endorphins that comes into play from the adrenalin high that hits when you are gliding through an oxygen-rich rainforest.

Audio Visual cool.

Aerial sound and visual show and you are the main actor!

Smartness cool Not only will you return home armed with stories to share, you will also be entertainingly educated on the rainforest, understanding the geopark, local herbal remedies and other aspects of Nature, conducted by top naturalist and environment experts.

Umgawa cool! Safety is a major top priority, not just the equipment but also the security of being escorted by 2 Safety Rangers/Guides at all times.

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