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If your age is anything from 5 to 95 and you are within the average health and weight barometer, then ziplining should be on your bucket list. Why? The following benefits will give you 5 reasons why ZIPLINING should be a part of your not-to-be-missed life experiences.

1. Health

From a physical standpoint, there are numerous healthy reasons to zipline.

  • Fresh air, pure oxygen that exudes from the tropical rainforest of Langkawi’s Matchinchang Geopark.

  • An excellent cardio workout that comes from walking up two flights of stairs before take-off and a short hike on landing.

  • Eye health from long distance visualizing, and staring at greenery while gliding over the tree tops.

  • The adrenaline rush – that joyous exhilaration when you realize you are doing what eagles do naturally.

2. Accomplishment

Facing one’s fears whether it is fear of heights, fear of flying or simply taking on the challenge of doing something outside of one’s comfort zone.

3. Education and Knowledge

Different zipliners offer different ziplining experiences. Langkawi’s Umgawa provides a unique experience that embodies Nature education and knowledge. Bird and animal watch while you take what is defined as an eco canopy tour - 12 ziplines of lengths of up to 200 meters over tree tops, rivers and a magnificent waterfall. And that Nature education continues on the ground with additional talks and demonstrations.

4. Togetherness

If you are ziplining solo, you will always have the support and encouragement of our trained Umgawa guides. If you are with family – you are joined by the joy of loved ones. Or rekindle a romance, old or new. There are double zipliners for these special instances.

5. Transformation

From a mental standpoint, there is that totality of positive emotions that comes from doing something out of the ordinary. A mind, body, spirit transformation of the inner psyche. There’s something to be said about being ONE with Nature. Many North American native Indian legends revolve around birds that soar in the skies. For that one moment you too, can be transformed.

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