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What Makes a Real Eco-Adventure?

Langkawi offers one of the most complete opportunities to experience a deep immersion eco-adventure in S.E. Asia. The challenge has been providing a simple way for visitor’s to understand the best options available to be confident of a safe, world-class experience both in the rainforest and on the water.

There are dozens of mangrove tours that expose visitor’s to this island wonder. There are several nature walks. There are excursions on the water and almost everyone does the SkyCab. But a survey of island visitors, hotels, agents, and even the island’s environmental custodians’ LADA, clearly demonstrated the need to combine the absolute best of these adventures from company’s that consider the environment first to assure confidence in signing on for real eco-adventures that are not marketing gimmicks.

Umgawa now proudly joins of group of adventures that pledge these standards:

  • Every tour will provide the highest safety standards and clearly state to each participant what is done to assure compliance;

  • Knowledgeable guides accompany every tour personally and are trained by qualified experts on wildlife, birdlife, flowers, fauna, fish. Island geology, and lore and pledge to share that knowledge with each guest in a fun, accessible way

  • All construction, materials and equipment used by any partner tour considers the impact to the environment before during and after a decision is made to deploy it.

  • Partners develop specific programs `created, implemented and shared with guests to improve the environment. Such things as trash clean up, use of recyclable materials, rainforest restoration, protection of trees, water and all of the island’s natural wonders are some examples. Guests will be advised of these efforts during each tour.

  • Guests will be advised how they can protect the environment.

  • Guest are invited to comment about their experience. Every submission will be reviewed by the partners and efforts will be made to improve in all categories assuring each partner maintains the highest ongoing standards.

Combining all of these standards, the following partners are suggested as eco-adventures, with one provided for each type of activity:

  1. Zipline Eco-Adventure – Umgawa Legendary Adventures

  2. Mangrove Tour – Junglewalla

  3. Islands Adventure & `Exploration – Mega Water Sports

  4. Nature Treks – Junglewalla developed by Irshad Mubarek

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