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Nature Discovery Night

Umgawa staff waited patiently on Tuesday night for the inaugural Nature Discovery Night. Our surprise guest speaker was Othman Ayeb along with his wife Rahaya, owners of Rimbawi Geo Discovery on Langkawi.

Othman is not only one on the foremost naturalists in Malaysia but an international champion snake handler and snake charmer. An advisor and a contributor to National Geographic and listed in the 1999 Guinness Book of World Records, Othman shares his wide experience about snakes but also about the fragile eco systems of Langkawi's rain forests.

Langkawi is home to 46 species of snakes; 15 of which are venomous. Flying snakes, vipers and king cobras are jut a few. In addition to our staff, while Othman was showcasing his latest friend, a 3 meter long 8 year old cobra, we had many others in the audience.

To learn more about snakes and our "rain for rest" visit Umgawa....

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